come rain, come sunshine

Pallers ~ Come Rain, Come Sunshine (single) (Labrador, 2011)

Apart from The Legends, The Acid House Kings and Club 8, Johan Angergård also makes "dance music for the lazy, the blazers and for the slightly depressed" with Henrik Mårtenson.
Back in 2008, Humdrum ep gave to the world a first taste of the electronic laziness from the duo, leaving a good impression and listeners around the world wanting more. It's almost common knowledge that Johan seems to be a master when the subject is the creation of infectious pop songs (it doesn't matter if using beats or drilling guitars).
Last year, the single 'The Kiss' was released casting some happy glows on their sound.
And now, with their debut album 'The Sea Of Memories' being released next September, 27th, 'Come Rain, Come Sunshine' comes out as the first single.

Spinner premiered the single yesterday with some words from Johan:
"This is the first song we ever wrote and one of the last we finished for the album.It's possibly a bit more pop than our average song... It's starts off rather mysteriously and then keeps building to a massive chorus and on to a electro-percussive jam.
The lyrical theme starts by wondering if we'd choose to live again if we had the chance...'

Just adding, the song is beautiful: dreamy, trippy and dizzy.

Come Rain, Come Sunshine


You can also download their previous singles:
Humdrum (from Humdrum ep, 2008)
The Kiss (single, 2010)

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