VIDEO la estrella de david. un último esfuerzo

La Estrella de David ~ Un Último Esfuerzo (2011)

David Rodríguez is the musician I admire the most when the subject is spanish music. Actually, he is part of my 'Spanish Trinity' formed also by La Bien Querida and Joe Crepúsculo. The coincidence is that they tend to work together... David plays with and produces La Bien Querida's albums and has a project with Joe Crepúsculo called Junco y Diamante. They're all from Barcelona.
I first heard his music back in 2005 or 2006, when someone sent me a few songs from him... it was pretty demo-ish, lo fi... but I was completely addicted to it. In January, 2007 I went to an eurotrip with Fernanda and Leonardo (my roomates) and while in Barcelona, the only thing I'd listened to while strolling around the city was his music (specially 'La Chica Más Guapa de España').
Then in 2007, he released his debut album and it was a glorious album, to say the least, even though nobody paid attention to it.
Now there's 'Maracaibo', his new album, released by Canada. 13 songs with the signature of David, putting together hints of traditional music, indiepop, distorted guitars and lyrics filled with an infectious romanticism.
This is music that touches you deep, whether by its melodies and/or lyrics. In case you need a reason to start speaking spanish, here's one...
You can listen the album on Spotify...
... and watch the video of the first single 'Un Último Esfuerzo', starring David, La Bien Querida, Joe Crepúsculo and Jordi Irizar paying an homage to The Jesus and Mary Chain.


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