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Pinemarten ~ Home ep (Independent, 2011)

Pinemarten is a very cute animal from the family of minks and weasels but it's also the joyful, chill ambient-ish project of a (mysterious) producer from Derbyshire, England.
'Home' and 'Bay' were released last April. Both feature calm and pretty relaxing electronics. The kind you put on to simply let your mind free to wander through... well, you. With the bonus that every now and then you can lazily move your body and it won't feel awkward.


01. Cuppa Soup
02. Not Fair
03. All to Myself


01.  Tea & Toast
02. Never Far Away
03. Going Home

Pinemarten has made remixes for Sun Glitters and Museum of Bellas Artes. You can find both on his soundcloud page. 
Apart from original songs and remixes, he has two covers: Carly Simon's 'Why' and the awesome take on Madonna's 'True Blue'.

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