The Dualies ~ n33t! ep (Independent, 2010)

Vivian, Chino, Ira and Devin are an electropop group from San Francisco. They got together while in high school to have some fun playing Weezer covers (after listening to their music I'm very curious to hear how those covers sounded). Now they have gone all the way to electronicland populated by 8-bit, 80's synths and reverbs. Vivian's voice is soothing while the melodies are an invite to dance (or be in the passenger seat during a drive on a highway close to the sea (sunny day is a plus)).
The beautiful 'When You Are Near' stands out as an infectious electromance tune...

You can get the ep on their bandcamp... their next release is set to be out next month (also as a free download).

01. You Don't Know My Name
02. Unrequited
03. When You Are Near


(Also, download 'In My Sleep', a single released last Christmas...)

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