GOLDEN BEARS. AVALANCHE EP (Independent, 2011)

So it was very, very late last night when I got my headphones to go through some new bands from bandcamp. Fast forward a few minutes from a very nice selection of bands and suddenly I found the song Kachina Peaks from Wonder Bear. An experimental bedroom pop song that reminded me of the amazing I Guess I'm Floating by M83... both songs do something that I call 'the surround you', which consists on getting an amazing feeling of some sort of transcendence. I'm talking about the response you intuitively give to what you are experiencing at a precise moment and get struck by emotions and/or/from memories that pull you and for some moments you can see yourself from outside and enjoy what you are seeing. Anyway, Kachina Peaks gave me that feeling.
Apart from small variations from one ep to another - sometimes more electronic, sometimes more ethereal - Wonder Bear's music consists of intricate, dreamy, organic and a beautiful collection of melodies and delicate vocals. Ben and Daisy, from NYC, are behind the project. They are a 17 year old couple.
Check their music on bandcamp. All 5 ep's, specially Avalanche, released last June and GALA, a conceptual ep with three songs about teens going into the wood in Alaska and Azul, their first ep from 2009.
My rating is: absolutely stunning.

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