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DELAY TREES. BEFORE I GO GO EP (Independent, 2011)

Remember that 2 months ago I talked about the new track from Delay Trees and that it would be part of a free 5 track ep? Well, the ep is out.
Delay Trees is one of my favourite bands from Finland (in the past months the list grew quite fast with the release of amazing songs/records/eps from bands like Big Wave Riders and French Films and, of course, Delay Trees).
The EP was recorded during a weekend last May and features more of the cinematic/atmospheric mixture of shoegaze, indie pop and emotional melodies.
About the idea of making the ep, the band says it is "...a THANK YOU to all you wonderful people for your constant support..."
Although it is a digital free release, a limited cassette edition is also available and you can get a copy directly with the band here.

01. Uni15
02. All Black Left
03. Before I Go
04. Owls Go
05. Songs


interview (march, 2011)

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