wuts going thru yer head


"You're always telling me all the negative things that I know I could change but it takes a long time to change". When you get a line like that on the opening track of an album from an artist that you've never heard before you simply know you're listening to something -at least - promising.
Little Jungles is lyrically disarming and filled with an honest take on modern angst and agony.
An upbeat mix of shoegaze, reverbs, distortions and electronics only makes the package more shiny and dreamy and sugary and bubbly.
 Ok, the 9-track release has its down moments (why's  Please Put the Knife Away among such a strong collection of songs?) but the overall feeling is just so involving and addictive...
Alongside the sensational opening track Drive Yerself Crazy - did I hear someone say 'song of the first half of 2011'? - the last 4 tracks create a strong tour de force on noise, psychedelia and richness of sound. Old Love Fading is the most accessible with its pop catchiness squirting from the distorted guitars. Blue Heron goes deeper into reverberations and noisepop, delivering a complex construction of sounds, strong bass drums and echoey vocals. New Girl is a beautiful "acoustic" song formed by claps, strummed guitars and Matthew Niemann's voice echoing praising his new girl.

Drilling, affecting and addictive. Matthew, I want more.

(Little Jungles' new album will be called I Would Kill for Some Sunlight and it'll be released on January 1, 2012.)


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