love & honesty

YOUTH CASTLES. LOVE & HONESTY (Independent, 2011)

...and yet another fuzzy and shoegaze band inspired by My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain from Brooklyn, NYC. And yet another good surprise. It seems that bands from Brooklyn have almost a natural feeling to combine a good pop song melody and cover it by layers of noise and distortion (something like Gothenburg and electronic music). 
Youth Castles started in 2010 as a solo bedroom project to soon evolve into a threesome. Indiepop meets layers of lo fi noise, sometimes flirting with shoegaze, sometimes with dreampop.  
Their first release, an ep containing 3 songs called DEMOS (released last January), is all about noise, indiepop and straightforward melodies.
The single 'Love & Honesty', is new wave with guitar riffs that made think about The Cure and Joy Division.
Their latest single, 'Sight Seeing', goes into a more trippy path, flirting with dreampop and post punk. 

I prefer the first release with it's fresh and speedy tunes a la Jesus and Mary Chain ('Feel' is a noise dream and you should hear it below!).  Definitely a young band to keep an eye on. 

01. Love & Honesty

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