young michelin

young michelin ~ young michelin ep (holiday records, 2009)

one of the latest releases from beloved holiday records and contains one of the best songs i've heard this year. four boys from aline, france playing pop with jangly guitars with catchy melodies. some flirtation with new wave is also seen every now and then.
je suis fatigue will probably chart among my favorite songs of 2009 and will most likely be with me for a long time. it's a the more you hear, the more you like situation.
les copains is an instrumental song with a new-wavish mood.
soundtrack for summer memories captured on a vhs.

01. je suis fatigue
02. les copains



Parklife said...

Great stuff, thanks! No surprise these guys will share stage with The Wake in Paris in May!

Anonymous said...

Je suis musicien et je pense ne plus comprendre la musique depuis que j'ai écouté ce groupe… L'EP est fait sur Guitare Pro?