geidi primes

grimes ~ geidi primes (arbutus records, 2010)

arbutus is one of my latest findings in terms of’s based in montreal and was born from an art and show space called lab synthèse.
it has a short but extremely strong catalogue with artists ready to gain more visibility any day now (most notably blue hawaii, already causing some buzz on the blogosphere).
but today we’ll talk about grimes, the musical project of claire boucher. on her myspace, she describes her sound as “post-human liturgical majesty”. it is a mixture of electronics and lots of vocal layers that sounds corky, weird, spacey, lo-fi… the first time i heard the album, my overall impression was that if the world went into a decadent state (let’s not even get into our current situation as a planet) this music would be used for some sort of cult near a river with black water in the year 2130.
but don’t get me wrong, it’s not dark music. actually it’s quite elevating and floats in a very peculiar way evoking - in an original way - traditional songs from around the globe.
weird canada have the best description i could find in terms of placing her music in the universe, saying that is a “strange hybrid of björk, the cure, micachu, and other avant seamstresses, leaving a footprint in every decade and thankfully landing in ours. chord progressions and samples are pulled from any source imaginable and the aggregation results in a kate bushian trail of decadence.”

here you can download a song (one of my favorites) from the album: zoal, face dancer

clicking on the album artwork, you'll be taking to arbutus website where you can download her album... you should definitely get it.

below, you'll find a short documentary directed by emily kai bock called 'human heart' that shows a bit more about the artist (and her fascination on planets, milky way and space).

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