palms on fire. interview #22

palms on fire
it’s been some time since we had our last round of interviews… so during the next week or two the blog will be featuring bands and people that are really admired around here.
to start, let’s go to russia and talk with palms on fire. actually if you had to take a guess where they come from based on their music, the last place you’d think about would be russia.
the 4 piece band (formed by 3 boys and a girl) makes music for the tropics, beaches and summery places, with a mixture of punk pop and surf music.
they have two ep’s released on holiday records and one of the catchiest songs released this year (‘palm tree’).

here’s what max said…
01. first question is to understand the origins of everything and has a few parts. when did you got together and decided to start the band? where does the name come from? and where in russia are you?
we're from the city of izhevsk. It’s small industrial city located in european part of russia and known as birthplace of the kalashnikov assault rifle.
in 2009, me and my sister anna decided to record some songs. we wanted this to be a "beach punk", but we could hardly imagine how it should sound and what we would have as a result. we were very inspired by bands such as the ramones, beach boys, talulah gosh.
the name "palms on fire" came right after recording the first songs, i made it up while listening to them and we realized that that's really what we need. then we sent those records to our friends and they liked it, and that just encouraged us to gather the whole band. it was not hard to find right people so our old friends drummer konstantin korolev and bassist anton bochkarev went in with palms on fire.

02. what inspires you and if palms on fire' were a landscape what would it be like?
we are inspired by lots of things: old american movies, the romance of the 80's, and everything that happens to us, the stories of friends, people - anything can serve as inspiration for writing a new song.
landscape? hmm. Night, fireworks over wild beach.

03. how do you record your songs? do you have access to a proper studio or something like that?
almost everything was recorded down at home, we like it, and it makes us feel free and independent, and it gives a chance to experiment a lot and not to be in a hurry. we enjoy making it all by ourselves and being responsible for the whole recording process, that's the only way we can get exactly what we want it to be like, and it's great. also we rent some place for rehearsal, so there were something recorded over there. but currently we are not able to rent the entire studio.

04. talk a bit about the independent indiepop scene in your city and russia.
izhevsk in the 90s was considered as the capital of the experimental electronic music of russia, but now, to my mind there's nothing interesting in terms of music, but there are plenty of bands. so it's a bit hard to advice anything special for you to listen.
the most famous indie pop band in russia now is probably motorama, and we really like the band from st. petersburg pinkshinyultrablast, they sound really cool.
05. you have two ep's released under holiday records. how did this partnership started?
it all started with jacob graham who wrote us on myspace, he said that he really liked our music, and offered to release it on holiday records. we do like this label and of course we agreed to partner.

06. both ep's were released as free downloads. what are your thoughts about music distribution nowadays?
i don't think that all music should be just for free. but for new bands it is the only way to bring their music to many people. now i'm not sure that there are any people willing to pay for our music, but if there are some, probably we will think of sales someday. personally, it's been long time that i bought music.

07. what's next? do you have plans of releasing new songs soon?
there are no really big plans right now, just keep on writing and recording new songs.

08. your idea of a perfect pop song is...
actually hard to explain...but you should feel it, that this melody and the lyrics had been in you long before you heard the song.

09. do you get to live of your music?
most of us have jobs, and music for us is a hobby, not a work.

10. any song(s) you'd like to cover?
yeah, we would like to make a cover of devo - space junk.

11. name the perfect place and time to hear your music.
during a bicycle trip on a sunny summer day.

12. recommend something you've been listening lately.
i really like the french group dondolo, especially their album dondolisme.
also like the group control club, they are from france too.

13. anything else you feel like saying?
i just wanted to thank you for your interest and wish you a good luck.

download the free ep's...

01. sweet desire
02. sand castle
03. we have time

01. palm tree
02. deep forest
03. you are my dream

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