romantic states

romantic states (beko dsl, tater junction)

from baltimore (usa) comes romantic states. an experimental project from jim and ilenia, floating around layers of shoegazey guitars and fragile melodies.
i really like the name of this act because it fits so well with the music they intend to create: all the tracks have this beautiful melodies resembling the naivety and melancholy of the days when the romanticism inside of us isn't duelling with our being. and they are calm and soothing.
but there are moments when this same feeling, comes unsettled and even aggressive. that's when raging, distorted guitars take over and a cathartic moment erupts in the romantic states.
their music is mostly an instrumental voyage with sporadic moments of singing. a really enjoyable voyage through the darkest and brightest places of our being.

here's the free single released on beko.

01. one way is right
02. looks like water

and two songs from the tape released on tater junction.

walking tour

'one way is right' and 'walking tour' are simply beautiful moments.
you can also find a lot of free tracks on their myspace (there's a link that will lead you to the band's page where you can get them all)

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