headed west

daniel alvarez ~ headed west (beep hop records, 2010)

you have never heard of daniel alvarez. and that's a shame... he's a new artist from patterson, (sunny) california and is signed to the (also new) beep hop records.
beep hop is a fairly new label, its founders are cherub and neil, both musicians. cherub has a project called yum yum meow and neil is part of the panduhs (already featured here).
some time ago they sent me this song called 'headed west' and asked me if i could write a few words about it.
i asked them if i could share the song here and they agreed. so here's a few words about 'headed west', this beautiful song filled with a melancholic californian melody...
this song has the kind of simplicity that gets you by surprise and hits you instantly for its uncomplicated lyrics with a poetic mixture of sadness and hope. this ambiguity will make you press 'repeat'. trust me. you'll do it either because you're a melancholic or because you simply relate with the emotion and feel a certain complicity with him. most likely will be because of both...
he has this incredible sense of melody (thank you, mellow guitar) resembling those warm winds of a lazy day in california in an undefined time (today or 20 years ago? doesn't really matter...)
think of east river pipe and the east coast and imagine a guy capturing the same feeling and giving his own aesthetic on the east coast of the usa.
around here, we are looking forward to hear more from daniel and beep hop... hopefully soon!

and here's the song for your summer end: headed west.


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