the new improved hypocrisy

the radio dept. ~ the new improved hyprocisy (labrador records, 2010)

this is probably the subject of the day on music pages and blogs around the world: the new the radio dept. song criticising the current right-wing swedish government.
the press release from labrador says:

"the new improved hypocrisy" is the radio dept.'s second distinct political song. the first one, "freddie and the trojan horse", from 2008 was '...about the untruthfulness of the swedish right-wing government and how the leading party seized power by portraying itself as supportive of the workers' (the radio dept.).

for those not really into the swedish political scene - like myself - i did a little research and here's my quick overview about the situation:the elections will be held next sunday and nearly 7 million swedes will vote. as the last polls show, nothing is decided since the government coalition (formed by the moderate party, the center party, the liberal people's party and the christian democrats) is only 1.2% ahead of the red-greens coalition, the main opposition bloc (formed by the social democrats, the left party and the green party). political analysts say that anything can happen and the result is unpredictable.

so, you know how it works: click on the image and you'll have the song. really good song, by the way!

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