air drops

AIR DROPS . EP (Independent, 2011)

You can find EP here

While this 7 track release couldn't have a more simple and minimalistic name, the sounds inside of it are anything but minimal. A collection of collages used to create a dense and original universe of samples and dreamy chillwave songs... a universe where you are allowed to believe that either you can fly under water or swim on thin air. A universe where time stretches and you float through moments of calm and contemplation and a second later, you're thrown in the middle of a cult/tribe celebrating on a beach while the sun comes up on the horizon.
Creating this universe rich in textures and sounds, there's a mysterious 20 years old producer from Northeast England.

'Chariot's Champion' is the most original tune with references from arabian music and hip hop. But THE song of this ep is 'Jejune' and it's amazing hypnotic progression... the building of an anticipation. You can watch that below. 


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