regret, love, guilt, dreams


Michael and Adam - the young duo behind this project - create the prettiest pieces of dreampop being made on the west coast of America (to know a bit more, read my interview with them). Their music has a melancholic, hypnotic (and slightly tropical) atmosphere, extremely rich in textures and lyrics talking about friendship, sorrow, love, lack of love...
This is, most of all, getaway music. The kind you listen to when you feel like being somewhere else and/or with someone else and/or by yourself. And while dreampop might be the main reference, it also has hints of chillwave and balearic sounds.
In the past 2 years, a few eps and singles were released independently and on labels like Beko. Now, they have a new 6 track ep on their bandcamp.
Some of the songs already appeared in previous releases, but I think the best moments are the new songs.
'Boyfriend' has to be the highlight of the ep. A song with subtle electronics and Michael's whispered voice giving the feeling that it seems to be dripping out of your ears.
'Careless Teens' shows a more rock-ish side of the duo with distorted guitars and aggressive lyrics (almost
fatalist). It sort of breaks the delicacy and dreamy atmosphere of the album (but in a good way).
'Secrets' is an instrumental - almost ambient - track, with guitar lines that scream beach-by-the-sunset. Beautiful way to end the ep.
Follow the buzz (because this music is good and deserves attention), jump on your cloud and enjoy these delicate and heartfelt songs.

bandcamp (get the ep here)

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