gipsy paw

Eastern Phoebes ~ Gipsy Paw (February Records, 2011)

Let's talk about an acoustic indiepop love. The kind that makes you want to spend all afternoon under a tree (or building a treehouse) in your backyard. A perfect scenario would have eastern phoebes on branches but in case they don't migrate to where you live, well, the least you can do is having Eastern Phoebes (not the bird but the band) playing.
Meg Bayley and Rick Kattermann are from Long Island and their music might be the cutest thing coming from there nowadays. Their songs are gracious, gentle, light and fun. There's something from the 60's when it comes to melodies and something from 90's twee in melodies and in the way they express their ideas.

Gipsy Paw is their latest release (it was released on February Records last month). 
You can get Gipsy Paw, 2 previous homemade eps and a full lenght on their bandcamp! All artwork is made by friends...
(don't miss 'Gipsy Paw' and 'I'm Gonna Bite Your Head Off When I'm Done Making Love To You'... homemade  gems, they are!)

01. Old Toronto
02. Combat Missile Diploma
03. Gipsy Paw
04. Lebron's Lament
05. I'm Gonna Bite Your Head Off When I'm Done Making Love To You



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