move to iceland


Árpi Szarvas is a musician from Hungary previously featured here [interview] as Evil Men Have No Songs, a one man shoegaze band with drilling guitars and influenced mainly by pop from the 50s and 60s... 
Now he has a new project where he exercises his electronic side creating discogaze and dreampop sounds. 
Models Can't Fuck sound is a mixture of 60s psychedelia and 70s electronic artists like Kraftwerk and Brian Eno with a contemporary vintage aesthetic. 
He has two songs officially released and is planning to release two more in the near future. Although you can listen to quite a few songs from Árpi and all his projects on his soundcloud page.
'Move To Iceland' is his latest release, a song with Kraftwerk-esque melodies and lines like this: 
'Move to Iceland to be as far as I can from you...'

(And you can get 'Ghost Kid' - a song with a new wave/pop approach - at bandcamp).

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