a tribute to club tropicana

A TRIBUTE TO CLUB TROPICANA VOL 2. (beko dsl, 2011) 

French digital label beko dsl gave us another gift in form of sound... the label released what we could call the official independent electronic-balearic-tropical (duh) soundtrack for the summer. A collection of songs screaming warmth (!!!) with chilled vibes and uplifting moods.
Fuck Ibiza and Cafe Del Mar...! Fuck David Guetta and his derivative beats...! This is what summer sounds like!

a1. kelton prima . you said (feat. laetitia taschatt)
a2. mother of pearl . heaven
a3. the never years . lost time
a4. radioseven . imperfections
a5. work drugs . summer blood
a6. les filles et les garçons . i sing despair
a7. azure blue . catcher in the rye
a8. min ronnersjö . untitled
a9. bad dourif . rhythm king mega
b1. lisbonne . in the sun
b2. teel . thinking of you
b3. doctrine . stretch out
b4. skeleton hands . city lights
b5. [phisics] . dextromethorphan
b6. germany germany . through the noise
b7. party girl . paradisio
b8. casa del mirto . the end
club tropicana (thanks 'L' for the link!)

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