i'm happy now

palpitation ~ i'm happy now (hide & seek records, 2008)

palpitation comes from sweden and apparently is a duo. the members are you and me. i'm happy now is their first release and they couldn't have started better: 22 minutes of dreamy and urban melodies made of a combination from indiepop and twee-ish guitar hooks.
programmed drums, keyboard, bass and guitars are the main instruments along with a rough female voice. at first, i didn't like the voice because it didn't "fit" with the melodies but that's probably because i'm used to hear this kind of melodies with cute, soft and whispered voices. if you feel the same i tell you that this feeling disappears on the second listen.
the melodies are, at least, addictive with a great combination of beats, claps and guitar hooks (sometimes resembling a more lo-fi the radio dept). in fact, i think some of the songs would make a lot of kids go crazy on the dancefloor.
amazing album that takes you for a walk in the big city at night, then the clouds from where you fall straight to the club for some dancing...

01.i'm happy now
02. next stop tennessee
03. too soon to give up
04. can i blame you
05. shelter
06. this is it
07. i lost and died
08. red white golden stripes

here's a lovely video taken from the live series from the amazing swedish music site psl

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