walkin' under trees

acorn boys ~ walkin' under trees (holiday records, 2009)

(probably) the first release by holiday records, this new indiepop label that releases, every friday, a new single for our downloading pleasure. as they say on their website: "holiday records is a bunch of old friends keeping in touch by recording songs about the times we had together, and new friends writing songs about other things..."
well, just the engagement of making it happen makes me love them...
acorn boys is a previous band from jacob, now on horse shoes and the drums; and justin, on church library.
they've only recorded two songs and left one unfinished and decided to stop working together due to differing opinions on music.
"in the spring of 2006 justin was packing up his recording studio and moving from orlando back to ohio. it was a stupid idea, but acorn boys never would have happened without it. the night before he left he sat down with jacob and together they wrote a song that people claim is "the greatest song ever written." justin quickly pulled his recording gear out of it's packed boxes and in less than two hours they finished recording the song "walkin' under trees." (from their myspace)

'walkin' under trees' is a beautiful pop song with acoustic guitars, three keyboard notes and a slow paced percussion that gives an ethereal mood to the song.
'we'll always have each other' comes with guitars, beats and a wonderful melancholic melody that reminded me of princess niko.
a bit of 80's indie rock and sarah records, a bit of 90's indie pop and flirtations with balearic sounds (specially on percussion sounds) and heartfelt electropop. lovely...

01. walkin' under trees
02. we'll always have each other


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