lunch money ~ dizzy (squirrel mechanic records, 2009)

sometimes i get myself thinking about how different my childhood would be if i listened to some bands i know nowadays... always wanted to experience the feeling of a poppy-catchy song when i was 6 or 7 years old.
well, to fullfill this gap from previous generation, lunch money was created. this trio makes indiepop for babies, children and parents to have fun together! isn't wonderful?
it all started in the "late 90's, an almost comically morose indie pop group called the verna cannon once performed for an audience of 7-year olds (at the request of a teaching assistant friend). surprised and a little perplexed by the rather melancholy concert, one little boy earnestly remarked, "your music makes me sleepy." and while the band got many an appreciative chuckle over the comment, singer/guitarist molly ledford also walked away thinking she would like to play for children again with a new band project directed at a younger audience". (taken from their myspace).
the band's name comes from the first taste of childhood independence and power.
dizzy is their second album and is full of adorable tunes... but don't get me wrong when i say that their music is for a younger audience, you won't hear them singing that the sun is yellow and the sky is blue or things like that, following the path of some idiotic songs and tv programs for children.
the album starts with 'i love my library', an ode for librarians and books. then comes 'everybody's coming to the zoo', one of the best songs about zoo i've ever listened... throughout the song they ask if 'were you there when...' and all the things the animals do.
the best song is 'it only take one night to make a balloon your friend', a delightful song teaching you what to do to become friends with a balloon.
'cause it only takes one night to make a balloon your friend/ when you first get them they only want to fly away/ but it takes one night to make a balloon your friend /and in the morning they're always happy to stay' and later on 'balloons are shy and might hide on the ceiling for the rest of the day/ but in the morning they'll be sitting and waiting to play'.
all the songs are filled with a twee-ish mood... you'll hear whistles, harmonicas, banjos and mostly guitars. the album is an affectionate and energetic salute to childhood with lyrical complexity swirled in like chocolate syrup.

01. 5'7''
02. i love my library
03. everybody's coming to the zoo
04. somehow a frog finds a pond
05. it only takes one night to make a balloon your friend
06. are you a rabbit?
07. dizzy
08. ate too much of my favorite food
09. at the river
10. wake up, world
11. tiny dinosaurs
12. a cookie as big as my head


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