la estrella de david

la estrella de david ~ la estrella de david (el ejército rojo, 2007)

i've talked about david rodriguez before:
1. has a solo project called la estrella de david
2. the guy behind the production of 'romancero', debut album of spanish indie sensation la bien querida;
3. member of indie band los beef
4. has a duo project with (the also great) joe crepúsculo.
well, you can see by the number of music projects he's a very prolific guy.

back in 2006 - if i'm not mistaken - i found a demo from his solo project 'la estrella de david'... and fell in love completely.
i remember that on the winter of 2007 i went on an eurotrip with two friends and, while we were in barcelona, i couldn't stop listening to his songs. in the same year, he released his full lenght.
what i think is wonderful about him is the ability to make music from diferent styles but always with a catalan spirit. and he has been doing it in a brilliant way (musically and lyrically).
david it's in a place on the spanish music scene that can only be taken by him but yet there's a will of never stop, always go ahead and never settle.
almost twenty songs recorded at home, telling what's going on and what to dream about. sometimes looking inside (deep inside), sometimes outside.
a strong mixture of rock and indiepop, lo-fi, disonant sounds, surprising arrangements and (of course) catalunya.

01. tremendas amazonas
02. fin de año
03. no és fácil
04. la chica más guapa de españa
05. no hacia falta
06. pipak jaten
07. tu lo tienes que saber
08. bellísimos
09. música industrial
10. la catalana
11. david
12. popeya es presidente
13. vejaciones en la costa
14. lost of fun
15. mientes
16. felices fiestas
17. tremendas amazonas (versiómn sosegada)
18. la seleción natural

No hacía Falta

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