the tremulance ~ polaroids (lonely robot, 2009)

the tremulance is jamison who lives and studies in chilliwack, canada. 'polaroids' is his debut album and contains (awesome) electropop tunes that he's been working over the past years. in the beginning there was only sound but after some time he decide to add some voice.
throughout the album it's possible to hear electro, idm, indie rock, folk and shoegaze coming and going... beautiful and original tunes with (sometimes) beats and blips and (sometimes) instrumental interludes. as jamison says: "i like to make electronic songs; some are meant to make you dance, but some are meant to make you feel a little sleepy."
15 songs talking about "nights spent dancing with friends, heartbreaks, missing loved ones, missing the ocean and the now infamous dance trap which actually occurred".
a great balance between experimentalisms and emotional dance floor melodies.

01. we'll settle this on the dance floor
02. i will show you rain
03. smash your keyboards
04. you got the girl (feat. lights)
05. synthesizers make kids dance, right
06. the frustrations of dealing with the socially inept
07. i thought i'd forget you...
08. ...but i overthought it
09. dance trap
10. the sounds i missed out on
11. the smaller things
12. trackless (feat. the emerson letters)
13. where are we now?
14. song for tom fox
15. it still gets dark here far too early

here's the (awesome) video for dance trap

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area51 said...

el video es genial. por no hablar de la canción, que es todo un hitazo...

pinta bien el disco... ¡bajando! ;)