resolen problemes

sedaiós ~ resolen problemes (gandula, 2009)

sedaiós is from barcelona and started as a duo that used to get together to do everyday things. as they say on their myspace: '... a group to spend time for those moments that seems you're doing something but in fact your just waiting (while you wait the washing machine clean your clothes, boil the water for pasta or download an episode of dexter).' in moments like this, cristian and gaia used to grab their ukeleles and play.
after some time they felt a need for more rhythm and asked jordi (that also plays with joe crepúsculo and la bien querida, among others) to join them... he arrived with a wide variety of maracas and small percussion instruments. the last members to join the band wwere elena, a common friend that played saxophone and wanted to practice and rafa, also in the horns section.
this is their first album and is filled with happy, optimistic and summerish tunes about usual everyday things. the melodies are extremely precious with delicate arrangements. you'll probably get yourself singing 'pa pa ra pa pa' or clapping in almost every song.
they sing in catalan and french (which makes everything even more interesting)... in fact it's possible to hear some melodic references to french chanson in tracks like 'ingrid & humphrey' or 'reveiller avant toi'.
an album filled with a happy naivety or a naive happiness, feel free to choose which one suits you best. urban and yet organic, full of blue skies and clouds resembling smiles.

(ps: it's ok if you feel addicted for 'bam bam', 'resoldre problemes' and 'perdo el cap').

01. els vells
02. bam bam
03. ingrid & humphrey
04. resoldre problemes
05. reveiller avant toi
06. històries, llibres i cançons
07. elena
08. perdo el cap
09. aquesta nit

here's a video taken from the release concert of the album...

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