la patère rose

la patère rose ~ la patere rose (grosse boîte/dare to care records, 2009)

coming from the vibrant quebec scene, la patere rose makes kaleidoscopic music; to give you a hint of what they sound like put stereolab and camera obscura on a drink mixer and you'll have la patere rose.
sometimes serious and melancholic pianos, sometimes upbeat electronic beats, sometimes melancholic pianos and upbeat electronics together! a wide range of atmospheres and moods throughout each song. when you think you're going to listen to a piano concert suddenly turns to be an upbeat song. the vocals have that fuzzy recording, similar to the radio dept.
fresh and extremely original. catchy is a word that also should be mentioned.
great for those experiencing the first summer feelings!
(duet tacet is a highlight and one of the cutest songs e-ver)

01. les deux bonnes soeurs
02. pacemaker
03. decapote
04. duchesse
05. la marelle
06. jessicock
07. chamord-sur-mer
08. backyard souvenir
09. l'éponge
10. j'ai reve
11. duet tacet
12. charmord-sur-mer l'épilogue
13. pepe

teaser made for the release of the album

recording 'jessicock'

recording pacemaker

and finally, the video for pacemaker

buy it

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