escuela de zebras

joe crepúsculo ~ escuela de zebras (producciones doradas, 2008)

lately, i've been listening a lot spanish pop (discovering things, rediscovering others)... spain has one of the most interesting, fresh and creative scenes.
and for coincidence i've been listening to artists that often work together... i've already posted 'romancero', from la bien querida. today's music comes from joe crepúsculo that appears as guest in the (beautiful) a.d.n. from her album.
the producer of 'romancero' was david rodríguez, that plays guitar in 'después de la muerte' and also has a side project with joe called junco y diamante (david also is the guy behind the awesome la estrella de david).
the artists above are among the most important of today's spanish scene, setting a more experimental approach on pop music.
'escuela de zebras' is one of the best albums of last year, according to various blogs, sites and magazines and is easy to understand why...
it contains creative tunes, mostly with electronics, transitions and synths. sometimes, the choice of sounds stay close to bizarre but it works extremely well to create joe's odd and decadent universe full of karaoke rooms, impossible loves, philosophy and simple subjects.
it is decadent but, also, very original. musically, it seems that is twisted and elements that would be questionable, like the use of screaming backing vocals or rhymes that don't really fit, sound extremely coherent.
joe crepúsculo has a peculiar point of view that sounds childish but in fact works as another angle on naivety ( what else to say about a guy that spends almost five minutes singing about the four elements of the nature... or about old people and what it takes be feel and act like one...).

(ps: couldn't forget to mention that this and his latest album are available to download on his website!)

01. escuela de zebras
02. los cazadores
03. gabriela (with dani descabello)
04. los cuatro elementos
05. canción estival
06. los cazadores parte 2
07. fiesta mayor
08. los viejos (with thelematico rosa)
09. la lucha
10. ya llega la navidad
11. después de la muerte (with david rodríguez)
12. suena brillante
13. la amistad

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