yours to share

moofish catfish ~ your to share (cosy den recordings, 2009)

the second release of these sweetly quirky girls is called 'yours to share' because it is yours to share, literally. just like their previous mini album album, all the songs are available to download on their
this time they come heavier.
the melodies are richer with great moments with keyboards and backing vocals.
the lyrics continue extremely good: the unpretentious way to create beautiful encounters of melody and lyrics leads you to shivering moments like 'two of a kind' (probably the best track in the album) with the subtle (but lovely) appearance, 'fake and pretend' and 'are you a boy?' with its playful melody and lyrics questioning genres.
a great second album that fulfills all the (high) expectations left by the previous release.
go on and get addicted...

01. ten days in my room
02. yours to share
03. two of a kind
04. oh god! i love you! what's your name?
05. i've got your daniel johnston t-shirt
06. happy on wheels
07. fake and pretend
08. are you a happy?
09. about this girl

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