over and over

the legends ~ over and over (labrador, 2009)

johan angergård comes back with another full-lenght and another twist on his musical career. the characteristic poppy-catchy melodies are still there but now they are almost like a bonus that's made of broken amplifiers and mixing of distorted synths ...
johan had been through some hard times."in the spring of 2008 i had a desperate urge to distract me from myself. i needed noise. the first song i wrote for the album was a blast of distortion and feedback about the wonders of tryptizol,” says johan, about track 'seconds away'. 'seconds away' was release as a single, in november, and was described as 'the noisiest pop song to ever come out of sweden'.
the album starts dark and smoothly, brighter feelings appear between the despair and (almost) state of dementia.
the noise is used as a sound therapy, making johan forget about his angst. "it’s like someone drilling a hole in your head. in a pleasant way that is.”
but there's also moments of acoustic guitars and relieve of pain like in 'jump' and lazy beats like in the beautiful and melancholic 'heartbeats' where he sings "...our heart is beating with the rhythm on the dance track/ i'm ready for a heart attack".
noise therapy highly recommended!

01. you won
02. seconds away
03. always the same
04. monday to saturday
05. heartbeats
06. dancefloor
07. turn away
08. recife
09. over and over
10. jump
11. something strange will happen
12. touch
13. over and over (remix by pallers)

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L said...

Can't decide on this one - initially I didn't like the fuzzy component, but it seems to complement the fantastic vocals. Eager to hear more. Good post- thanks.