songs about sculptures

red cloud carter ~ songs about sculptures ep (independent, 2008)

not much is known about this band (well, a little is known in swedish and near to nothing on the other languages). it seems that catti brandelius (with other musical projects such as miss universum, profesora...), an artist acting in different areas of art got together with the band kids from heaven and recorded this ep... and from the photos on their myspace, i think that their shows are always on the streets with instruments and a megaphone...
this time catti comes dressed in a little pink dress, cowboy hat and pink hair.
after this small visual introduction, let's talk about their sound:
a mix of indiepop with country and also flirtations with black music grooves from the 70's... 'cucko' is a great pop song a la eric halldén. the lyrics are centered in little stories being told... 'reunion' is the obvious choice with it's tale about 'her mother' and a golden sculpture.
catti comes with another persona and making easy-listening country-ish indiepop and telling fun tales.
good stuff!

01. stanny and angela
02. cucko
03. cut the rope
04. tombstone
05. i am blue
06. reunion


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L said...

Oh man, I can't believe your site. This is amazing. So much great music to discover. Like this band. Thanks so much.