ciao bella ~ 1 (march records, 1997)

ciao bella is a duo from alameda, california that creates indiepop/rock songs and (taking google results, seems to be adored in japan).
mario hernandez and jamie mccormick started the band in 1992 under the name teeny hi-fi and released one single called 'weekend go'. after that, they spent years recording at their home...
in 1996 an ep was released on the canadian label endearing and a year later their lp '1' was ready to be released on march records.
after appearing in some compilations the band seemed to be over. no material was released after that and they went separate ways: hernandez produced for acts like the aislers set and mcmcormick started to release music under the (well succeded) act from bubblegum to sky.
their songs resemble 60's pop and acts from the indie scene in the 90's such as holiday, bunnygrunt, some jangly stuff from the windmills and experimentations from saturday looks good to me.
attention to the lovely opening track 'in'.

01. in
02. how low?
03. old school digital watch
04. dropped once
05. meet the great life
06. another pill
07. astronauts in love
08. details from the deep end
09. we were always too young
10. sink
11. i've should i?
12. brown make-up
13. party song
14. feeling low

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