dream bitches ~ coke-and-spiriters (recommended if you like records, 2007)

just heard about them, but had to share because it's straight-in-the-face, lovely, upbeat, uplifting and poppy till you say 'enough'!
a once two girls piece has grown into a quintet and this second album is a combination of what they've been doing on the last five years.
as they describe on their website, coke and spiriters is "packed with snarling pop anthems and hyper-literate acoustic ballads, this concise collection captures the bitches at their most vibrant and volatile".
listening to the bitches you'll probably think about the breeders, tullycraft and most of k records 90's catalogue...
great jangly guitars, wry lyrics and cuddly sensibility, full of new york references!

01. bad luck bill
02. hierarchy island
03. bronxy marie
04. maniaca mechanic
05. mother's day
06. spoke on a wheel
07. me and the major (belle & sebastian cover)
08. sweet anneth
09. video games
10. way to go

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