klaus & kinski ~ versiones (independent, 2008)

here i am, back with the blog... and for some time i've been thinking about what would be the best way to come back. last night i had the answer: i found an (apparently) unnoficial album by klaus & kinski that is filled with recordings made before the release of the great 'tú hoguera está ardiendo'. since the first post of the blog was their debut album, i think it is great to come back again with them.
the band started a few years ago recording covers of songs they like so it's great to hear what they were up to before the full lenght album.
here you'll find 8 songs, all covers... i mean, all amazing covers. so amazing that, for a few minutes, songs from abba, the beatles, kikí d'akí and omd seem to be original songs by klaus & kinski. simply great and beautiful...
(don't forget to check the highlight of the ep 'ritmo de la noche', a cover from a dance argentine duo from the early 90's called the sacados).

01. el futuro (kikí d'akí cover)
02. here comes the sun (the beatles cover)
03. ¿lo sabe tu madre? (abba cover)
04. ritmo de la noche (the sacados cover)
05. shell for the mourning (oliver north boy choir cover)
06. souvenir (omd cover)
07. i feel alive (with alondra bentley)


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L said...

what a range of bands to cover. Great stuff.