montt mardié ~ skaizerkite (hybris, 2009)

this is the third proper studio album from david pagmar, a swedish boy in his early 20's creating delightful pop tunes about heartbreaking and its ramifications using a very peculiar storytelling similar to pelle carlberg and hello saferide.
this time, the album recovers some textures used in his first album. to me 'clocks/pretender' sounds fresh and breezy and makes me think about small cities, the countryside, open spaces... skaizerkite sounds more urban, a bit like 'drama' and its guitar hooks and catchy-dancy melodies.
there's at least one line in every song that should be mentioned... how not to fall when you hear in the vibrant 'one kiss' "... then she ran across the street/ and though it meant the world to me/ one kiss don't mean a thing..."
or when in 'dungeons and dragons' - one of the best geek love song ever made - he sings
"i still play dungeons and dragons, baby/ i can't stop thinking about star wars, baby /and if you wanna be with me you're gonna have to get use to / i don't say goodbye, i say may the force be with you".
the great thing about montt mardié is that his lyrics have all the potential to be lame and filled with romantic fatalism... but what he does is to turn love and its longings into a right-on-the-face slap with simplicity, honesty and cleverness.
the ballad 'a wedding in june', another perfect colaboration with andreas mattsson, is a song about the reocurring girl that left him and her wedding day.
'the stairs of the house that haunted this town (jenny, jenny, jenny)' is probably the heavist track on the record with guitars and lush orchestrations and an insanely addictive chorus melody and
backing vocals to die for.
wonderfull and uplifting heartbreak songs! (if that's possible...)

01. welcome to stalingrad
02. one kiss
03. click, click
04. elisabeth by the piano
05. bang bang (echo in warsaw)
06. unknown pleasure (feat. anna lovisa)
07. last year in marienbad
08. a wedding in june (feat. andreas mattsson)
09. dancing shoes
10. the stairs of the house that haunted this town (jenny, jenny, jenny)
11. dungeons and dragons
12. i love you annie

here's the video for 'danceshoes'

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