on a sunbeam to your heart

moofish catfish ~ on a sunbeam to your heart (cosy den recordings, 2008)

moofish catfish is this four piece girl band from stockholm. their sound is as original as the subjects of their lyrics...
i decided to talk about them because yesterday i heard their new album and it is so good that i felt like revisiting (and sharing) what they have released so far starting with the first album (more like an ep).
'on a sunbeam to your heart' is a bit different from 'your to share', their - just released - second album. the songs are slow-paced and easy listening with pretty guitars and vocals. the melodies are extremely inventive and upbeat and the lyrics funny, catchy and even anarchic, ranging from everyday situations to interpretations of sexuality.
moofish catfish is twee/bedroom pop without the self pity and visiting the envelopes, my darling you!, rough bunnies and soda fountain rag, all at the same time.
from their myspace:
"moofish catfish is heartache and a black cloud, your best friend and a desperate desire. moofish catfish is just a band. don't be stupid. be amazed."

01. at the club
02. lightbulbs
03.crocodile tears
04. lisa said:
05. half my size
06. mc themesong

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L said...

I'll have to listen more closely. Reminds me a bit of unpolished Concretes. Nice find - thanks so much for sharing.