international travel scenarios

victory xviii ~ international travel scenarios (holiday records, 2009)

except from the record label website i couldn't find anything about this project/band.
on the label's website you can download the (short but good) list of albums that had been released. as the introduction says:
"they say you need money to make money. well, we don't have any so we're just going to give you all our songs for free. it's like christmas all year around! go ahead, open your pleasants..."
ok, victory xviii now...
here you'll find short pop melodies created by using pieces of other songs and drum machines. the beginning and the end of the album are filled with orchestration pieces that seemed to be taken from a musical.
from the middle to the end the songs are more electronic and the lyrics turn from great to awesome... the highlight of the album is 'i wanna see everything' with synths and a sample of a few notes from what it seems a violin. the lyrics of the song are also really good (and bitter):

"i had fun last time we went away to berlin/ you helped me in libraries it's a good place to forget my life/ cause i've tried it, i've tried, and i've tried/ i want to see everything/ 'come to new york' you always say/ but i've been there before and don't like it/ you know i don't like it/
i wanna fly away to place i've never been to before/ and i'll say: ' i'm sorry i don't speak your language very well yet' / i want to see everything"

'kids got rhythm' is like a hymn with acid drums and kids chanting that 'kids got rhythm/ kids got sound...'
all the songs have a certain nonsense atmosphere that really works. and in the end of the 16 minutes of the record you'll feel almost like you've been taken from a ride in a world full of analogic modernisms... totally worth the ride!

01. last night in france
02. a nice game of basketball
03. you know how much
04. thousand of us lesser lights (in swiss alps)
05. i want to see everything
06. kids got rhythm
07. a bus into the city
08. i know a little place
09. contact information
10. on a plane at night


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