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memory cassette ~ calls & responses ep (acephale records, 2009)

memory cassette, a moniker for dayve hawk, a 28 year old dad living in the rural area of new jersey that is not "very good with computers" is back with two releases: an ep called 'call & response' and a lp called seek magic.
this release (calls & responses) is a sort of celebration of this releases and contains 5 remixes from previous songs.
the dreamy and sleepy lo-fi electronic is back!

dayve history with music includes a post-punk band called hail social and a number of other projects such as weird tapes.
he already caught the attention from blog hunters with his own work and with remixes for various artists like the yeah yeah yeahs, peter bjorn and john among others... even pitchfork made an interview with him.
it seems that his two main projects - memory cassette and weird tapes - will become one and will be called memory tapes... he already released a few things under this name... such a song called bicycle that you can download here.
and here's calls & responses and its versions from friends and dayve himself...

01. surfin (sail a whale version)
02. las one awake (friend version)
03. surfin (weird tapes version)
04. last one awake (cfcf version)
05. sufin (shadow self version)

his previous releases 'the hiss we missed' and 'rewind while sleepy' can also be found here on the blog... just look for the tag memory cassette. it's easy! and the sound is beautiful!

buy it (the ep with the songs, not this one with the versions)

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Astrogirl said...

I was actually listening to memory cassette the other day (played a song of them on the radio). love the cover of their ep!