the fallen aristocracy

northern portrait ~ the fallen aristocracy (matinée records, 2008)

since 2007, copenhagen based northern portrait has been making guitar based pop that takes us back to the best moments of 80's music ( the smiths and c86 to be more specific).
music that you hear for the first time and say 'oh. my. fucking. god.!' because it's beautiful, with melancholic guitars and lyrics extremelly well written with a touch of morrissey's witty angst mixed with fury and melancholy ('i’ll slit the throat of anyone who wants to put me down' one of the best lines in 'crazy').
in fact 'crazy' probably is the best song of this debut ep and shows what northern portrait is about wether musically or in terms of lyrics. jangle pop with beautiful guitar hooks and the lyrics asking 'i'm going crazy, what is this thing that's happening to me?'.
northern portrait is so great because, in a world where music deals (more and more) with shallow subjects, it seems that there's a genuine search inside the human nature and its feelings (specially the dark ones). and angst, sadness, doubt, rage rarely sounded so honest and pretty.
as matt schild said: "the fallen aristocracy might just be the bittersweet, jangly guitar-pop album smiths fans have been looking for since 1987".

a few months after the release of this ep a new (astonishing) ep called 'napoleon sweetheart' was released on matinée records and right now they're working on their first lp called 'criminal art lovers'.

01. crazy
02. a quiet noght in copenhagen
03. waiting for a chance
04. the fallen aristocracy

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