the foots

the foots ~ the foots (the lost and lonesome recording co, 1998)

unpretentious pop songs created by three girls in the underground scene of melbourne. they started making music in 1996 and as far as i know are no longer together... in fact, little is known about them.
guitar, bass and drums were enough for them to play around with melody and harmony and create classic warm pop songs. sometimes a keyboard is used to give an even more poppy feeling.
this album was the first release of the lost and lonesome recording co. and contains dreamy, sparse and introspective tunes that probably will make you think about another all-girl band from down under: dead famous people. the keyboard on the beginning of the first song is very similar with the beginning of dead famous people classic 'little flashes of yesterday'. but the foots use slightly harder and unpolished arrangements.
funny fact: they were known in melbourne scene for holding dance contests playing songs that were very hard to dance to.
great on saturday sunny afternoons outside.

01. it's about time
02. fickle
03. saturday
04. december
05. another world
06. happened again
07. all smiles
08. the new you
09. only just
10. liar
11. angelo
12. darling

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talulah gosh said...

muito bom!

L said...

Very promising description. Can't wait to listen. Thanks.