r is for razorcuts

razorcuts ~ r is for razorcuts (matinée records, 2002)

one of the finest indiepop bands from the class of 86. born in london, in 1985, the band is among those acts that define the indiepop/indierock genre with its jangly 60's rock and melodic pop with diy punk ethics.
they started in the punk scene at alan mcgee's living room club and by that time were compared to primal scream and the shop assistants. after a few singles, they signed to (again mcgee) creation records.
they split up in 1989 and were part of the scene that inspired sarah records.
gregory webster and tim vass (the duo in the center of the group) reunited in 1992 under the name forever people and released a single for sarah.
r is for razorcuts is a collection of 21 tracks selected by the band. the razorcuts elements are all here: chiming 12 string guitar, hammond, tambourines...

"during their five years together, razorcuts embodied everything beautiful about indiepop: jingle-jangle guitars, vocals whose passionate engagement forgave any technical shortcomings, and a romantically passive worldview that any cautiously optimistic young person could understand..." michael white, rough trade indiepop 1.

(gregory webster is now the front man of sportique, a band with mark flunder from the television personalities and amelia fletcher from heavenly.)
here you can read an interview with gregory made in september, 2003 by todd e. jones.

01. i'll still be there
02. big pink cake
03. summer in your heart
04. mary day
05. sorry to embarass you
06. a is for alphabet
07. 8 times around the world
08. i heard you the first time
09. jade
10. a contract with god
11. brighter now
12. storyteller
13. everyday eyes
14. try
15. across the meadow
16. i won't let you down
17. the world keeps turning
18. the last picture show
19. sad kaleidoscope
20. the horror of party beach (1985 demo)
21. i'll still be there (single version)

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