mary queen of scots

mary queen of scots ~ mary queen of scots (1991-1994, waaaaaah/bring on bull/bliss aquamarine)

this is a special post. soon you'll find out why.
mary queen is a (terribly) underrated band from birmingham that made music between 1991 and 1994. with sounds reminiscent of early sarah records - specially brighter - they crafted some of the prettiest, melodic (and sad) tunes of that time talking about love... well, lost of love to be more precise.
i said 'they' but most of the songs are chris. yes, chris... that's all i managed to find about him.
and this release is actually everything they ever recorded:
tracks 2 to 11 were originally released as a tape in 1993;
tracks 12 to 14 were part of a split with peru under waaaaaah/bring on bull also in 1993;
track 15 was part of a compilation/tribute to 'sound of music' on bring on bull. this particular song ('climb e'vry mountain') was also feature in a series of compilation, most notably gerard mucci's c92 and bliss/aquamarine.
from 16 to 24 are recordings never released... in chris' words: "From then on apathy set in; demo songs were recorded but nothing else released. Here then, for better or for worse, are MP3s of the songs recorded during those turbulent years; very much a product of its time but nevertheless they may have some emotional relevance, one hopes, even today."

beautiful music comprising a guitar with cristaline hooks, sometimes a shy keyboard as a wall of sound and chris gentle voice. enough elements to create a wide range of melancholic shades.

01. prelude
02. ascension day
03. wonderland
04. home and away
05. it's not forever
06. sunday all alone
07. one day
08. another day
09. around the sun
10. please don't cry
11. happy ever after
12. another sunny day
13. evensong
14. dreaming
15. climb ev'ry mountain
16. think of me
17. kimberley
18. on my own
19. the only one
20. tea and simpathy
21. i never wanted this
22. lose myself in sleep
23. tomorrow never comes
24. here comes the end


Anonymous said...

did you get this from the site?

is it the crappy version of the mp3s he posted or is it a copy of the cd that you ordered from him?

L said...

The waaaaaah label had soooo much wonderful music. Have not heard this band though. thanks for it.