tillmanns ~ run ep (fraction discs, 2006)

i've already posted the first full lenght of tillmanns, the duo from sweden making icy new wavish songs with metallic guitar riffs and hooks.
this ep is their debut and it was the first release from label/mail order fraction discs.
here you'll find 4 uplifting lo-fi tracks, including a version of 'twist', one of the best songs of the album. this version contains some noises that seems to be a racing car accelerating, creating a new layer that brings - at first - a weird feeling, but then you realise that those sounds actually make you feel the song in your chest and helpless, all you can do is dance.
'background' is also featured in the album, but here the pace goes slower and the mood is a bit darker.
there's also 'run' and 'my london love', two songs with swirling guitars, drum machines and layers of keyboards.
you can hear echoes of the field mice, my bloody valentine, stockholm monsters and new order.
the addictive guitars, emotional keyboards and wistful lyrics that populate a careless lifestyle can already be found here.
(run ep was named single of the year by norman records).

01. run
02. my london love
03. twist (spaced out)
04. background

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