nothing can go wrong

ultrasport ~ nothing can go wrong (2005, quince records)

"finnish geek rock to the masses!"
four multi instrumentalists boys from finland making poppy songs with (faster than usual) jangly guitars, charming keyboards, flutes and brushed drums. after releasing 3 ep's they've released this full lenght with some new songs, re-recordings and remixed tunes taken from the ep's.
at moments ultrasport sound like karkkiautomaatti (another great finnish band and part of the seminal indie scene from the 90's in that country), the fairways and the lucksmiths. i would also say that at moments you can hear echoes from country fellow band cats on fire.
uplifting/upbeat and energetic music with simple lyrics and interesting themes.
on their website, they have a list of things they like and i think that some fits very well with their music:
- sunshine outside
- summer holidays
- friends
- riding a bike slightly drunk

after this album, they've released another one called 'false start city' in 2007 and after that, sadly, split up. here's their last entry on the news section of their page from november, 2007:
"thanks, take care!"
thanks for all the years, it's all over now baby blue. Hope to see you some time somewhere, take care!"

01. nothing can go wrong
02. fire on the streets
03. kissing summers
04. behind the playground
05. you are evil
06. it's hard to look dignified when people sit on you
07. the boy that never lied
08. ballgames
09. sharing secrets
10. much of your heart


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L said...

You can't go wrong to be in the company of the fairways and the lucksmiths. Thanks.