there's no doubt (you'd get killed)

friday bridge ~ there's no doubt (you'd get killed) (but is it art?, 2009)

today i bring to you the first video of the second album by swedish lush synthpop duo friday bridge. this is a special post because the video was released today and was made by me!
i feel pretty honored because i really like friday bridge and to create something for them was great! niklas and ylva are as sweet as their music and for what i've heard of the album it'll be as addictive as their previous release intricacy.
the second full lenght will be released on the 11th day of march ad it's called bite my tongue.
the first single 'shanghai shipping' is available to download at the label's page and at the artist page as well (the links are below).
so here's the video... hope you like!
"now look down and breath in..."


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Anonymous said...

really love the video great job felipe! and what a great song! thanks to you i'm now a friday bridge fan. can't wait to hear the new album