best for guests. andreas jonsson (alpaca sports)

Alpaca Sports is an indiepop project created by Swedish musician Andreas Jonsson. Joined by many friends, he creates fun, pure and naive tunes.

With sold out singles and 7'' released via Dufflecoat Records, Luxxury Records, Susy Records and a new one about to be released via Cloudberry, Alpaca Sports definitely is a revelation of 2012.

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I'm not good at ranking songs and I don't listen to a lot of new music, but here are three of my favourite 7"-singles released in 2012, that I've listened to a lot and that have meant a great deal for me this year:

LIGHTSHIPS Sweetness In Her Spark
Gerard Love's amazing solo project Lightships has been walking side by side with me ever since the release date. Love this single and I especially love listening to the album 'Electric Cables' when I'm out running in the forest. Very dreamy and beautiful.

EDINE The West Coast
This single made me cry the first time I heard it and that's a good sign! So pure, innocent and cute and Edine's lovely voice suits Lisle Mitnik's songs perfectly.

THE SUNBATHERS Northfield Lane
I was very happy to see Sunbathers play live when we shared stage with them in London this autumn. This EP was released earlier this year by Dufflecoat Records and I always keep coming back to it. Beautifully arranged songs that grows on you and makes your mind wander.

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