best for guests. marc cantone (the city and horses)

Marc is the children's television producer behind The City And Horses, a band from Brooklyn that makes cute and witty songs with fun, endearing and nonchalant indie pop melodies.

The City and Horses 3rd album is set to be released in 2013.

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I'm not really good at finding new music.  At the risk of sounding gigantically pretentious, I've mostly been listening to old Noel Coward recordings and Orson Welles radio broadcasts this last year.  However, a while back my band was featured in the Band of the Day app, which does exactly what the name says: introduces users to a new band every day.  So one day the app featured Dominant Legs.  The first song I listened to was Hoop of Love.  And I didn't stop listening to it for at least three weeks.  On repeat.  For hours on end.  It's an Orange Juice style hip shaker.  The song's got more hooks than a tackle shop.  The slapback vocal is barely decipherable but I sing along anyway.  And there's a female counter vocal going on that softens things up nicely.

The video looks like a commercial for jeans or sunglasses or shirts but it made me fall further in love with the song.  Hannah Hunt, the female counterpart, is beyond fetching.  So fetching it hurts.   From what I understand she's the girlfriend of the lead singer from Girls.  Yeah, I have a shot.

This song is the single of the year.  And it's also the song I've always wanted to write.  The groove, the castoff coolness of the vocal delivery, the Orange Juice guitar.  I wanted to do that!  In fact, I've tried and failed.  But at least I can stop trying now.  Dominant Legs beat me to it.  And probably did it much better.

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Unknown said...

I've mostly been listening how to get back with your ex to old Noel Coward recordings and Orson Welles radio broadcasts this last year.