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Civil Love is a band from Peckham, South London. Their sound is light-hearted, 60s influenced summer tunes with a feet in psychedelia and Pavement chiming guitars.

Their first EP - Civil Love - was released last April and you can get it on bandcamp. A new EP is being made...

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Here's Urko (vocals, melodica, bass, percussion and a bunch of other instruments).

"Our 2012 single ''Under The Sun'' is on Spotify too but it would've been a bit too arrogant to include it on the list haha so there you go CIVIL LOVE Under The Sun

KING TUFF Alone & Stoned
These guys have a really fun garage pop thing going on, very catchy phrases and wacky guitars.

JOHN TALABOT Destiny feat. Pional
Spanish electro fellow. Very originally crafted and impressively danceable tunes combining tropical(ish) and darker sounds.

I was sooo skeptical about these guys in the beginning as everyone was kind of ranting about them (I still don't really get their super critically acclaimed first album) Fucking good psychedelic pop, lot's of 70s prog sounds that most bands wish they knew how to capture.

OPOSSOM Blue Meanies
Ex-Mint Chicks Kiwi guy. I find this stuff better than his old band actually, as I also find Unknown Mortal Orchestra which is the other guy from Mint Chicks. Not a big fan of Mint Chicks as you can see.

Canadian small town indie pop gem. They should be as big as The Shins maybe. Unfortunately Lana Del Rey exists today.

Panty wetter guilty pleasure. He's really good, dammit. Reminds me of Fleet Foxes and good Soul like Otis and Curtis Mayfield.

M. WARD Clean Slate
A more than decent remain of those alt-folky days back at the end of the last decade. Silky vocals.

LIGHTSHIPS Sweetness In Her Spark
I hate when the first thing they mention is he being the bass player from Teenage Fanclub. Gerard Love is one of the most brilliant artists on the face of the planet and whoever disagrees will be attacked by a giant squid someday.

BEACH HOUSE Other People
Surprisingly non-ephemeral indie windie pleasure. All their songs sound the same therefore all their songs are awesome songs. Those muffy synths and rebervy vocals keep giving me the same chills as a couple years ago with their amazing ''Teen Dream''

MAC DEMARCO Freaking Out the Neighborhood
Lo fi jangly young Canadian dude. Chorus pedals, funky and dry drum beats, zero cliches despite this shitty description.

80's leather jacket mix raced fashionable guy from the States. Perfect for non-integral fans of Bruce Springsteen like me. Probably you'll like him if you feel the same way about Morrissey which I don't.

BREAKBOT Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfrane
French DJ or electro something, I don't know, a friend recommended it to me because he knows I love Michael Jackson and indeed I liked the guy and yes he sounds a bit like MJ. Nothing wrong about it. Extremely catchy, makes you want to take off your shirt and jump into a fountain or similar behaviors.

FRANK OCEAN Thinkin Bout You
This is my most embarrassing entry on the list but I don't care because this guy is infinitely talented and his whole album is a piece of diamond. I barely listen to cheesy chart oriented RNB or Hip Hop but this guy's gotten me addicted for quite a while already. Credible and unpretentious lyrics for a genre of frequent verbal saturation.

JAPANDROIDS Fire's Highway
WOOOOOOO ANTHEMS WAAAAA so melodic and powerful and kind of nostalgic, like I wish I was 17 again and jumped off the pier naked after 20 shots of tequila.

NOW, NOW Lucie, Too
Melancholic (emoish?) guitar band from Minnesota I think. I hear some Pedro The Lion maybe but I'm not sure wether they ever heard about that guy.

My favorite band in London. They have everything I die for. Amazing harmonies, unordinary chord progressions within the pop structure, catchy vocal and instrumental melodies etc. Way beyond the 90's gimmick.

This guy likes Brian Wilson. No doubt about that. And he's from London too. Not many Londoners do this kind of stuff so I thought I'd mention him.

Sweet band from London too (kinda paying homage to my surroundings). They sound a bit like those British bands from the laste 80's and early 90's like Ride, Another Sunny Day, Stone Roses etc. A bit like ''The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart'' too, let's be honest. Really enjoyable stuff though!

These guys are from my lovely hometown in Spain and I'm highly honored to be friends with them. We've been struggling together across the sinuous circuits of musical activity for many years and they put out a really good album this year. Anyone into Deerhunter, Neutral Milk Hotel, 60s garage and 70's powerpop should be fond of these fellows.

I don't listen to much current stuff sung in my mother tongue but hey, here's some hell of an Argentinian ''Guided By Voices'' nobody should ignore. Also, their lyrics are often about the things I love most in life, like Love itself, Outer Space, being in your room, a movie, crushes on girls etc.

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