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Tear Talk is a band from Liverpool. After spending long hours listening to the C86/Sarah Records scene, Black Tambourine and - specially- Beat Happening, they decided to start making music.
Their debut EP Port Sunlight - released via Bleeding Gold Records last January - is a testament for melancholy made with layers, reverberations, sun and fog.

Among my favorite new artists of the year.

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SAVAGES Husbands Pop Noire
A band that have owned the latter half of 2012 off the back of this single and a run of brilliant shows. I saw them live before hearing them on record and I was sceptical as to whether or not they would be able to transfer the intensity of their performances onto record. Low and behold they have been able to, and suddenly the future of British music looks gloriously doom-laden.

MONEY Who’s Going to Love You Now Sways Records
An overtly intellectual group, and the jewel in Sways records crown, their debut single is drenched in loneliness and insecurity (our favourite subject matter). Personally, I think the b-side (Goodnight London) offers far more than the single. It’s poetic, articulate  and the kind of music I wish Morrissey still made.

NAKED ON DRUGS Death Dance Sways Records
The latest addition to Sways records, they’re one half The Louche (another great Manchester band) and the other a French clarinettist.  This is the single taken from their debut EP. It’s a sleazy, obnoxious snarl, sort of what I imagine Mark. E Smith and Roland S. Howard would have conjured up should their paths have crossed sometime around the mid-80s. The video also features some of the best dance moves of 2012.

THE TWILIGHT SAD Another Bed Fat Cat Records
The lead single form what is probably my favourite album of the year (No One Can Ever Know), is a synth-driven , disco ballad which are the three words I never thought I would be able to associate with The Twilight Sad. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone tackle the subject of infidelity in such a frank and disturbing manor. It’s a shame that James Graham continues to be the most underrated lyricist in Britain.

BROWN BROGUES Anyone But You Italian Beach Babes Records
In the last two years they’ve relentlessly released brilliant singles and this one is no exception. It’s raw, energetic and it’s impossible not to sing-a-long to, even though the majority of lyrics remain a mystery. Most importantly, it has an absolute ear-worm of a riff. This is garage rock at its finest.

THE WILD EYES I Look Good On You Holy Are You Recordings
A brilliant, energetic two and a half minutes of 60s garage rock, the immediacy of the whole song makes it difficult to not to love. If Iggy Pop fronted Crystal Stilts then this is what I imagine they would sound like. An excellent debut single.

BY THE SEA Eveline The Great Pop Supplement
The best band to come out of Merseyside in quite some years, this the first single to be taken form their excellent debut album. It’s always nice to hear a band from Liverpool who sound nothing like any other band from Liverpool. It’s always a massive bonus when they sound like they could have been on Sarah Records.

RICHARD HAWLEY Down in the Woods Parlophone
It was a brave move on Richard Hawley’s part to leave behind his Teddy-boy balladry but, it’s a testament to how good a songwriter he is. It was also great to hear someone make a comment on the state of Britain at the minute, without reverting to lad-rock tactics. It’s a travesty that he wasn’t given the mercury prize.

INDOOR VOICES So Smart Bleeding Gold Records
A brilliant three minute pop song. Apparently, it took years to craft it into what it is now, but it was most definitely worthwhile. Their isn’t one second that goes by, that doesn’t seem absolutely necessary, which I think is a rare find particularly in shoegaze tinged pop such as this. It’s songs like this which makes us proud to be on Bleeding Gold.

FEAR OF MEN Mosaic Too Pure Singles Club / Rough Trade
I think this is hands down the single of the year. It’s short, quick and catchy, everything a good single should be. ‘Bring me to pieces to feel safe/ Just like I’m normal’ has to be the most heartbreaking lyric of the year. A perfect pop song.

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