best for guests. enrico (karibean)

Karibean is the indie-pop-by-the-sun band formed by three boys and their guitar, bass and drums. They're from the east coast of Italy and for the past year and half, released two eps filled with sixties references, breezy melodies and DIY aesthetics.

Their latest release is Andersen EP, released last July via We Were Never Being Boring Collective.

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01 Ty Segall Slaughterhouse                                         06 Fresh & Onlys Long Slow Dance
02 Ty Segall Twins                                                       07 Sonny & The Sunset Longtime Companion
03 Django Django Django Django                                  08 Tame Impala Lonerism
04 Vado in Messico Archeology of the future                  09 Allo Darlin' Europe
05 Chewingum Nilo                                                      10 Drink to me S

"Chewingum and Drink to me are amazing Italian bands".

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