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Friday Bridge is Niklas and Ylva, a couple from Sweden creating electropop with references from the 80s, italo disco, kraut and beautiful melodies resembling classical music.
The project started in 2004 with the release of the beautiful and lo-fi ep The Lady Julie. Since then, they released another EP and 2 album, with their sound developing into something bigger, lusher and with a 18th century, royal-esque quality to it.

Their latest release is a single called Dark Heart, in collaboration with Nicolas Makelberge.

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Few things are as satisfying as wonderful artwork combined with great music. Which is why we're happy that the 12 inch, a format which gives the artwork proper room to breathe, is on a strong comeback. But we're also glad to see artists and labels which continue to take the artwork seriously even though its lebensraum is most often reduced to 300x300px. (It's NOT an excuse to stop spending more than a quarter of an hour on its completion.)

Here are some 2012 examples:

BAT FOR LASHES The Haunted Man
Nudity in an album artwork – so hard to get right, so hard to vary. Hats off then to Natasha Khan, who strips with style and originality for The Haunted Man.

Making the artwork for your releases fit into a general master design is ingenious in two ways: it makes it possible to finish it within that quarter of an hour timeframe and still make it look nice. And it makes the piece look tempting to a generation so obsessed with collecting and order that they spend their time circulating colour coordinated book shelves on Pinterest. Not mad about the actual design, which is a  bit mid-2000's, but a nice initiative from Sacred Bones (not a 2012 one, in actual fact, but one which is still going strong in 2012).

JOHN MAUS A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material
In this exercise in minimalism, it's the dot that does it.

GRIMES Visions
Never been keen on this kind of illustration, really, but this self-designed artwork has a lot going for it: a clever play with the unescapable boundaries of the online artwork square, idiosyncratic references, ugliness and beauty.

Not revolutionary in any way, but a study in high quality pop visuals. Glossy perfection that oozes so much self confidence, that it makes that neon light highlighting the Girls' genital areas seem completely natural. Crème de la crème.

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